your voice in the digital age

In today's connected world, companies are target-marketing their products and services right into consumer's pockets. Special interest communities are increasing their impact with new capabilities to reach and engage without geographical boundaries. Individual people are establishing themselves as thought leaders, syndicating themselves and creating 6-figure income streams on YouTube.

But as with every new opportunity comes a new set of new challenges.


business BRANDS

Is your online brand helping or hurting your business? From team training and individual coaching to on-call support and full brand management, we'll not only help you grow your business for today. We'll help you build momentum for the road ahead

communitY BRANDS

Are you tapping into the incredible power of online brand building for your cause, club or special interest? We can help you increase community engagement, improve participation, and maximize donor contributions.



Is your online persona a transparent extension of your offline persona? What pops up when you Google yourself? Not much? Bad things? We can help you leverage your brand to pursue your personal and professional goals.




I partner with a select group of business, community and personal brands to empower them in:

  • Establishing their voice and extending their reach in the digital age
  • Creating demand for products and services -sometimes before they even exist
  • Driving traffic, signups, increasing conversions or donor contributions
  • Implementing integrated marketing strategies with tight budgets and limited resources
  • Developing the knowledge, skills and confidence to prioritize what to outsource vs. what to develop and manage themselves


Besides riding the waves of progressive marketing tech, I bring nearly two decades of professional experience is business development, startups, sales, sales management, training, and human resources to my client relationships. This allows me to look beyond my client's short-term goals to identify ways we can create a truly integrated and efficient brand marketing effort.