It’s all about BRAND, and our brand is not our logo. It’s what comes to customers, prospects, and interested onlookers minds when they see our logo, hear our brand name or visit one of our various brand channels. Brand is a perception, and this perception drives our success at marketing, sales and gaining all types of influence. It can open doors or slam them right in our face.

Is your brand helping or hurting you?



After 18 years of experience in building business, personal and community brands, I've learned one important truth. One size fits small. There are thousands of marketing service providers out there that will gladly shove you into their systems or processes, but nothing quite compares to having a partner on your team who is on-call, on-site and ready to pivot when you are - someone who is as invested in your success as you are and someone who will help you build the knowledge, skills and confidence to take a more active role and ownership interest in your brand. I can be your assistant coach and quarterback.

I partner closely with a select group of brands and empower them to:

  • Establish their voice and extend their reach in the digital age
  • Create demand for products and services -sometimes before they even exist
  • Drive traffic, signups, increase conversions or donor contributions
  • Implement scaleable and user-manageable brand marketing strategies on tight budgets and with limited resources
  • Develop the in-house staff with tools, knowledge, skills and confidence to do it all themselves



The hours he put into my website and building my custom shopping tool is just ridiculous. My last websites have been crappy; I mean, it looked like we were building Tinker Toys, and now we look like we’re on par with our biggest competitors.
I’ve been doing this for so long that I don’t think I have anything to say, but Jeremy opened my eyes to what messages are valuable and how to approach it, how to present it, when to present it. The vision he brought has been very, very important in giving me guidance.
The social media aspect of business and marketing scares the hell out of me, but Jeremy lays all this stuff out for me to make it manageable. There’s a lot of handholding going on, which has been helpful to assuage some of my anxiety, and then all the analytics he shows me help validate why we’re doing what we’re doing.
Working with Brand2Xpand has been a great experience, and it’s revolutionized the brand of our company. Now we look as professional as we are. Plus, the exposure across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has been immense.
We’ve never done any true marketing before this; our growth just happened organically. Now, with Jeremy’s help, our brand is growing bigger and faster. It’s now more thought-out and directed.


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